Cargo Transporters Makes $25,000 Donation to Rising Hope Farms

Cargo Transporters, Inc. has committed a donation of $25,000 to Rising Hope Farms for their covered arena capital project. “Rising Hope runs an amazing program and helps in no other way I have ever seen,” says John Pope, Chairman of Cargo Transporters.

Rising Hope Farms is located in Claremont and provides a place where special needs of all ages can participate in a therapeutic riding program. Known as Equine Assisted Therapy, it allows those challenged physically or mentally to engage with a horse which helps with all sorts of issues and helps them to achieve different goals in the process. Furthering their progress and helping to cope with their specific challenges. The arena project will enable them to provide more services to more people.

“We are so proud to help with such an outstanding program. We are making this donation in honor of Jack Brown and in Memory of Forrest Pope. These men were the two primary founders of our company and spent their lives helping others,” says Pope. “This is a way for us to help those who have been presented with some enormous challenges in life. This is part of our culture at our company and one that the Pope and Brown families want to see us carry forward,” says Pope.

More information on Rising Hope Farms, their mission and programs can be found on the web. and

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