Cargo Transporters Makes $10,000 Donation to CVCC

Cargo Transporters has announced it has made a $10,000 donation to the vocational programs at the college. With specific interests in Diesel Technology and Technician training, along with Professional Truck Driver training programs, Cargo Transporters has immediate openings to put new graduates to work. In both of these trades, starting salaries are at all-time highs and students in these fields have opportunity to meet their own personal goals in working in fields of interests while maintaining a home in the local Catawba Valley area.

“Our company is so proud to be able to help CVCC with their vocational programs. As our state legislature has pulled more and more funding from post high school eduction, the role that CVCC plays in helping our friends and neighbors in our community to be ready to step onto positions we have open, to be proficient in those positions, is absolutely key,” Says John Pope, Chairman of Cargo Transporters. For those that are in programs or have recently completed, please contact our Human Resources department at 828-459-3213 for Diesel tech info and our Driver recruiters at 828-459-3285.


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