Cargo Transporters Inc. Announces $23 Million Investment adding 50 Jobs

Cargo Transporters, Inc. is excited to announce expansion plans. The company will be opening a Charlotte terminal the first week of January and will immediately domicile 20 trucks there as well as some staff. The fleet count will quickly grow to 50 units by fall 2014.

“We are growing our presence in other markets where we have a growing customer base,” says John Pope, Chairman. “In the past, all operations were centrally controlled in Claremont, NC but this will allow us to manage assets and professional drivers outside Catawba County.” With this growth plan, the company will need to hire a minimum of 50 additional professional drivers in the next 10 months.

In addition to the assets for growth, the company has made commitments on new revenue assets to replace aging equipment. The investment, totaling commitments of some $23 Million in the next 12 months, means the company will operate one of the newest, safest and greenest fleets in North Carolina. “Our fleet already uses the best in safety technology and this replacement and addition of assets will make virtually all our trucks one of the most environmentally friendly and technically advanced fleets in the southeast,” says Pope. The trucks, which use batteries as a renewable resource for heating, cooling and auxiliary power while the driver is resting, consume no fossil fuel while the truck is parked. “For our customers, this means a reduction in their carbon footprint in the logistics supply chain.” In addition, working with Duke Energy, the fleet added over 20 electrified parking spots for its trucks at the main Claremont terminal. “With the purchase of these vehicles, we are providing our professional drivers the most advanced commercial vehicle to travel the nations’ highways,” says Pope.

“We are grateful to our customers, employees and suppliers who continue to make it possible for our business to grow, as a premium truckload service provider.” The company currently runs almost 500 trucks, 1500 trailers and employs approximately 640 people.


About Cargo Transporters

From humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the transportation sector, Cargo Transporters has grown significantly over the decades.