Cargo Transporters Purchases a Rooftop Paver at ATA

Cargo Transporters, Inc. has purchased a rooftop paver at the Capitol Hill office of the American Trucking Associations. The pavers are located on a rooftop patio used to entertain various groups including representatives from Congress, so our industry can share important concerns with them. The paver, a $15,000 investment, helps to pay down the debt of the facility and stregthen the presence of ATA in Washington.

“As an ATA member company, we felt it was very important for us to purchase a paver and continue to expand our support of our national trade association”, says John Pope, Chairman. “The ATA plays a critical role in monitoring and educating members of Congress on topics which affect our company, drivers, customers and motoring public.”

The ATA is the largest and most widely known trade association for the trucking industry. More information about the American Trucking Associations can be found at



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